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Please place your order at least 3 weeks in advance s the full process is hand-made, hand painted and hand glazed. For large order, preferably 3 months in advance.

Choose the pattern you like from our previous order in the reference list and decide your own colour them.

If you are looking for other pattern designs or specific arrangement that is not available here, feel free to send us the details.

We are more than happy to create a custom design for what you want.

Single guest

$ 7 2 0 ( Sugar Pot )  /  $ 7 2 0 ( Classic Pot ) /  *gold embellishments add $ 1 8 0


 single head / half body
 flower elements on the side

• available to add name& date
 processing time is 14 -20 business days

Couple guest

$ 7 8 0 ( Sugar Pot )  /  $ 7 8 0 ( Classic Pot ) /  *gold embellishments add $ 1 8 0


 couple's head / half body
 flower elements on the side

• available to add name& date
 processing time is 14 -20 business days

Be Mine

tell us your personal ideas and message, we would love to help to create it for you!

Fill out the brief form below 填寫下面的訂製表格
Enquire in the following format : 
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* Quantity 數量 

* Product selection: Type, Pattern & Personalised messages 陶瓷款式、圖案、字句等

We will send you an email shortly to confirm your information and quotation.

Thank you for your interest! 

about us

adore productions is the fusion of ceramics arts & crafts and modern painting designs.

a beautiful, personalised handmade ceramics tableware that makes the perfect keepsake for the newlyweds, engagement, wedding, anniversary, valentine's day, pet lover or just because..




14 aberdeen street, central, hong kong

mon- sun: 11am - 7pm