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Memorable Bridal Party

Treat your bridesmaid to a fun, memorable moment by creating unique and functional pieces of art. Relish the idea of painting ceramics in the comfort of your own home or other location? Book the on site service with us!

喜歡發揮藝術天分的您不要錯過~ 不需要任何繪瓷經驗也能製作屬於您的陶瓷餐具!我們帶備畫具材料親自到訪,讓您的婚前派對可以更輕鬆難忘地渡過!立即預約!跟閨蜜們過一個愉快的時光吧~

We committed to providing you with a fun, creative and unique experience, absolutely no stress. Shoot us an email to book our on site ceramics painting workshop service. For more informations please check out FAQ below.


Not sure what to paint? Here are some masterpieces created by our previous guests. Get inspired!


Step 1

Choose your pottery from our wide selection from tableware to flower pots and cute ducks.

Step 2

Start painting! We have over 20 colours to choose from. These are water based and non-toxic paints. Painting it once provides a watercolour effect, painting 3 times gives you bold opaque colours. We usually allow up to 2 hours for painting. If you think you will be longer let us know when you book. Or you can always return another day to finish your piece, just pay a $160 / 1.5 hours continuation fee.

Step 3

Leave it with us to glaze and fire. Your items will be ready a couple of days later or at an agreed time.

The final part of the journey involves the glazing and firing of your pottery. Sadly this is not an exact science and the kiln is sometimes unpredictable. While we strive for perfection it doesn’t happen all the time particularly as these are hand produced crafts. Glaze spotting can occur as well as things like brick dust on the items. So please be aware that although we try to control for these events it is not always possible. It can be the charm but also the frustration of working with ceramics. In the exceptional event of your pottery breaking or cracking in the kiln we will offer compensation by way of a painting hours replacement at our studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What days of the week I can book the workshop service?

Our service can be scheduled every Saturday & Sunday. Any time slots and areas are available.

How far in advance should I book?

We suggest booking at least 2 - 4 weeks in advance. If you need a last minute date, please whatsapp or facebook message to check availability.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests can join the workshop?

Workshop is only available for groups of 8 or more.  More than 10 guests / works enjoy a 5% off discount. There's no setting for a maximum number of guests.

When do you need the final count of guests?

A final headcount is required the day you book with us.

How long is a workshop?

Our workshops service are within 2.5 hours. 15 mins table setting time and other 15 mins cleanup time inclusive. Mostly takes 90 - 120 minutes for adults to paint a piece. It depends the size of the piece and how involved and what style you want to get in painting your masterpiece.

What if we need more times than 2.5 hours?

Because the time between two workshops may very tight, so it is important to keep in mind that your two hours starts at the time we have agreed upon, for example 2 – 4:30, not when guests arrive. If some of the guests do not finish painting within the two hours, they can rent a seat at our studio to finish, which is $160 an hour to do.

Is there any site-specific constraints for the workshop?

All we need for the workshop is only a sink to get water, enough tables and chairs for your guests. Indoor or outdoor are welcome. Throwing the party at your private place like home or club house is the typically one of the easiest and most cost effective things you can do. No matter where you live. Or a surprise party at the restaurant, cafe, party room, studio etc. We'd cleanup the workshop area after. Just make sure you have been commited to the venue you booked, we do not deal any problems and take responsibility for it.

What should my party guests wear, do you have aprons?

Our glazes are washable and therefore we do not have aprons. Guests rarely leave with paint on them.

What do the workshop provide?

We supply different type of bisques, 20 colours of paint, brushes, stencils and encouragement!

What do I need to prepare?

Just some painting ideas! You can also send a message to the guests before a day, friendly remind everyone think of their painting idea first, images saved on mobile would be great.

How soon will the party pieces be ready and where to pickup?

Generally party pieces are ready in 12 business days. You can come pickup at our studio in Sheung Wan or delivery service. Delivery fees may vary slightly depending on the location and quantity of your order.

Is my pottery food safe?

Yes, all pieces are food safe. However we do not commend using the microwave and dishwasher. It's hand painted, treat it with special attention!

Is there a fee or deposit required to reserve the on site service?

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and bank transfer for deposits. Please use cash when paying your balance at the end of the party.

No service fee. We only charge a transportation fee for emote area and outlying islands. Our workshop service is available to Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories commercial, (Including Ma Wan, Tung Chung, and Hong Kong International Airport), industrial and residential addresses. Please contact us for further details.

50% non-refundable deposit is required in order to get your private on site workshop service on the calendar.

What happens if I have to cancel my booking?

Once a deposit has been paid, your booking may only be postponed once. We will gladly work with you to find an alternate party date. If you choose to cancel our services for any reason, your deposit is non-refundable and cannot be applied to other services or merchandise. If you need to postpone your party more than once, your deposit will be forfeited.

What if typhoon signal or rainstorm warning is hoisted?

Workshop service will be suspended or delayed when typhoon signal No.8 or above is raised or a red , black rainstorm warning is hoisted. In this event, We will contact you to re-schedule the workshop or you can choose refund. It is the responsibility of you to notify us immediately for of any changes of the event address.

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