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Our beautifully hand-painted ceramics urn makes a lovely memorial gift for anyone who has lost their pet, we help you create the perfect resting place for their ashes, to keep them in a place that honours their memory and importance in the heart. We provide small sizes suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits etc. And sizes for large dogs.

It can be personalized with the words along with your pet’s portraits, tell us the date of life, name and provide pictures. If anything related that represents their personality you wish to paint on it, like your pet’s favourite toy or food, we can add that on side, front or back of the urn. Any message can be written anything that comes to your mind...Forever in our heart, My best friend, We will miss you etc... 

All urns are painted in our distinctive cute style. Hand-painted using underglaze paints before a clear glaze is applied.



1. Select size and shape of the urn 
2. Send us photos & name of the pet angel
3. Any elements reference to represent their personality

4. We will confirm the draft with you before colouring
5. Apply glazes and high fire for 2 days

Pick up at our display shop/delivery service

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These custom-made portraits can capture the distinct features and personality of your pet.

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