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It started by answering a frequently asked question —

❛ What to shop for my / my friend's wedding? ❜

Things that will fill newlywed couple hearts with joy, to unique décor and kitchenware that will complete their home and cherish for years to come. Creating gifts and playing with ceramics is what we do best. Our mission is to let you send beautiful and personal gifts, congratulate the happy couple on their union. 

A place full of dream, passion, creative and sweat. Located in Sheung Wan - An elegant, exotic and hip old neighbourhood. Surrounded by temples, traditional Chinese antique shop and contemporary art gallery.

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It starts from liquid mixture of clay, which is slip poured into a two-part plaster mold. Wait for a certain amount of time for a desired thickness. Remove the casted piece from the mold when the clay is dry. Once bone-dry, use a light touch with sandpaper to get rid of any inconsistencies in the texture. It then goes into the kiln for its first bisque firing. After the first firing, it is ready to apply glaze colour. We use nontoxic glazes for painting our custom orders & workshop. The artwork goes to our glaze corner to dip glaze. When the glaze is fully dried, we high fire the pieces. It takes the kiln about 8 hours to reach that temperature, and another 18 - 20 hours to cool back down again before we can unload it.

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